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Using BasKet

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BasKet is similar in functionality to Notepad, but more like Notepad on steroids. It is presently
maintained by Kelvie Wong and can be found for free either in BackTrack or at
The website has full instructions for how to install BasKet. Once installed BasKet is easy to use and the
interface is not difficult to understand.
As seen in Figure 2-1, the interface is easy to figure out. Adding a new “Basket” to hold data is as
simple as right clicking on the left side of the screen and selecting New Basket.
Once new Baskets are added the sky is the limit. You can copy and paste data, place screen shots in
the Basket, or even tie in OpenOffice or other types of charts, graphs, and other utilities.
Figure 2-1: BasKet allows for easy organization of the data found during information gathering.
Adding a screenshot can be done in a few ways. The easiest is to copy the image then right mouse
click on the new Basket and click Paste. As shown in Figure 2-1, adding images is simple but also shows
the image right away. Notes can be typed or pasted around the images by simply clicking in the Basket
and starting to type.
In a normal security audit, what makes BasKet attractive is the way it catalogs data and shows it on
the screen. I usually add a different Basket for each type of data such as Whois, social media, and so on.
After that, I will do some recon using Google Maps or Google Earth to capture some images of the client
’s building or facility, which I can store in BasKet as well. When the audit is complete, being able to pull
up and utilize this information quickly is very easy. Figure 2-2 illustrates a nearly complete BasKet that
contains a lot of useful information and tabs.
As shown in Figure 2-2, BasKet is easy to store the information in an easy-to-read format. I try to
include as much information as possible because no information is too small to store. The information I
include is items from the client’s website, WhoIs information, social media sites, images, employee
contact info, resumes found, forums, hobbies, and anything else I find linked to the company.

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