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Skype Security

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A cottage industry of U.S. and other companies is now designing and selling tools that can be used to block or eavesdrop on Skype conversations. One technique: Using special "spyware," or software that intercepts an audio stream from a computer—thereby hearing what's being said and effectively bypassing Skype's encryption

Adrian Asher, Skype's chief information security officer, says his company can't prevent these technologies from compromising its service: "Can we control [spyware] taking an audio stream off the speakers or the microphone? No, there is nothing we can do

The Wall Street Journal asked security company Symantec Corp. to analyze the file, which turned out to be a "remote access tool" that could let an outsider remotely eavesdrop on audio and capture keystrokes.

Symantec said the file is being distributed on a website named after the date the Libyan protests began. Still, the file's origins aren't clear. "The actual attacker could be anywhere in the world,".

In recent years, a handful of small European companies—including Gamma of Britain as well as Germany's DigiTask GmbH, Italy's HackingTeam SRL and Switzerland's ERA IT Solutions AG—have developed tools to eavesdrop on Skype. HackingTeam and Gamma have been marketing their software to governments outside of Europe, including in the Middle East.

Most of the tools are programs that must be installed on a person's computer. Often they are distributed via infected email attachments or disguised as fake software-update alerts to trick people into installing them. The software doesn't decode Skype's encryption, but instead captures audio streams, keystrokes typed into the keyboard and possibly anything else happening on the computer

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