Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going through the Garbage

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Yes, as hard as it is to imagine enjoying jumping through the trash, it can yield one of the most lucrative
payoffs for information gathering. People often throw away invoices, notices, letters, CDs, computers,
USB keys, and a plethora of other devices and reports that can truly give amazing amounts of
information. As mentioned previously, if people are willing to throw away art that is worth millions, then
things they view as trash will often go without a second thought, right into the garbage.
Sometimes companies shred documents they deem as too important to just throw out, but they use an
inefficient shredder that leaves paper too easy to put back together
As a social engineer, after you have information you must start planning your attacks. To do that you
need to start modeling an outline that will use this information. One of the best ways to start utilizing this
data is to develop what is called a communication model.

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