Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gathering Information

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Gathering information is like building a house. If you try to start with the roof your house will surely be a
failure. A good house will be built using a solid foundation and from there it will be built literally from the
ground up. As you gather information you may be overwhelmed with how to organize and then use this
data, so starting a file or an information gathering service to gather this data in is a good idea.
Many tools exist to assist in collecting and then using this data. For penetration tests and social
engineering audits I use a Linux distribution called BackTrack that is specifically designed for this
purpose. BackTrack is like most Linux distributions in that it is free and open source. Perhaps its greatest
asset is that it contains more than 300 tools designed to assist in security auditing.
All of the tools within BackTrack are also open source and free. Especially attractive is the high
quality of BackTrack’s tools, many of which rival and even surpass tools you would pay an arm and a leg
for. Two BackTrack tools that are particularly useful for information gathering and storing are called
Dradis and BasKet. The following sections take a quick look at each.

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