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Communication Modeling

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Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another. Communication
entails interactions between at least two agents, and can be perceived as a two-way process in which
there is an exchange of information and a progression of thoughts, feelings, or ideas toward a mutually
accepted goal or direction.
This concept is very similar to the definition of social engineering, except the assumption is that those
involved in the communication already have a common goal, whereas the goal of the social engineer is to
use communication to create a common goal. Communication is a process whereby information is
enclosed in a package and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium. The
receiver then decodes the message and gives the sender feedback. All forms of communication require a
sender, a message, and a receiver. Understanding how communication works is essential to developing a
proper communication model as a social engineer. Modeling your communication as a social engineer will
help us to decide the best method of delivery, the best method for feedback, and the best message to
Communication can take many different forms. There are auditory means, such as speech, song, and
tone of voice, and there are nonverbal means, such as body language, sign language, paralanguage,
touch, and eye contact.
Regardless of the type of communication used, the message and how it is delivered will have a definite
effect on the receiver.
Understanding the basic ground rules is essential to building a model for a target. Some rules cannot
be broken, such as communication always has a sender and a receiver. Also everyone has different
personal realities that are built and affected by their past experiences and their perceptions.
Everyone perceives, experiences, and interprets things differently based on these personal realities.
Any given event will always be perceived differently by different people because of this fact. If you have
siblings, a neat exercise to prove this is to ask them their interpretation or memory of an event, especially
if it is an emotional event. You will see that their interpretation of this event is very different from what you
Each person has both a physical and a mental personal space. You allow or disallow people to enter
that space or get close to you depending on many factors. When communicating with a person in any
fashion, you are trying to enter their personal space. As a social engineer communicates they are trying to
bring someone else into their space and share that personal reality. Effective communication attempts to
bring all participants into each other’s mental location. This happens with all interactions, but because it is
so common people do it without thinking about it.

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