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Both of these examples are social engineering at its truest form

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Both of these examples are social engineering at its truest form, but have very different goals and
results. Social engineering is not just about deceiving people or lying or acting a part. In a conversation I
had with Chris Nickerson, a well-known social engineer from the TV series Tiger Team, he said, “True
social engineering is not just believing you are playing a part, but for that moment you are that person,
you are that role, it is what your life is.”
Social engineering is not just any one action but a collection of the skills mentioned in the framework
that when put together make up the action, the skill, and the science I call social engineering. In the same
way, a wonderful meal is not just one ingredient, but is made up by the careful combining, mixing, and
adding of many ingredients. This is how I imagine social engineering to be, and a good social engineer is
like a master chef. Put in a little dab of elicitation, add a shake of manipulation, and a few heaping
handfuls of pretexting, and bam!—out comes a great meal of the perfect social engineer.
Of course, this book discusses some of these facets, but the main focus is what you can learn from
law enforcement, the politicians, the psychologists, and even children to better your abilities to audit and
then secure yourself. Analyzing how a child can manipulate a parent so easily gives the social engineer
insight into how the human mind works. Noticing how a psychologist phrases questions can help to see
what puts people at ease. Noticing how a law enforcement agent performs a successful interrogation
gives a clear path on how to obtain information from a target. Seeing how governments and politicians
frame their messages for the greatest impact can show what works and what doesn’t. Analyzing how an
actor gets into a role can open your eyes to the amazing world of pretexting. By dissecting the research
and work of some of the leading minds in microexpressions and persuasion you can see how to use these
techniques in social engineering. By reviewing some of the motivators of some of the world’s greatest
salespeople and persuasion experts you can learn how to build rapport, put people at ease, and close

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