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OpenVPN on Windows Server 2008

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OpenVPN in Windows Server 2008

1) Download the Installer from the Link we gave you through the email. Once your order has been approved.
2) Unzip the file.
3) Install the OpenVPN client downloaded from the link provided in the email with Administrator Privilages.
4) Run the openvpn GUI from the Adminisgtrative Privilages (you can right-click the open-vpn gui icon on the desktop and click on Run as Administrator).
5) now righ click on the Openvpn GUI icon next to the clock in the taskbar and select the vpn connection and click connect.
6) Give the Username and Password we Provided you or what the administrator Created on Administration Panel.

The Installer Installed the OpenVPN and its Configuration at below Location.


C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config\vpnserver

You need Administrative Privilages to do above mentioned Procedure.

The files in Config Directory are very important please keep a backup copy of this zipped file.

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  1. BTW, there is a new OpenVPN GUI which does not need to run as admin: http://openvpn-mi-gui.inside-security.de/

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