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Microsoft Security Essentials free Antivirus

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General Partners Programs Information
The information in this section is only relevant for Microsoft Security Essentials distribution partners and for companies or entities that would like to learn more about becoming Microsoft Security Essentials distribution partners. If you are a home or small business customer who would like to download Microsoft Security Essentials, please click the Download Now button.

Microsoft offers four easy ways to redistribute Microsoft Security Essentials:

The Link Logo Program allows financial institutions, academic institutions, or any other company or business that has consumer-facing Web-based services to offer Microsoft Security Essentials to their customers easily and at no cost. Learn more.
The Covermount Program is an effective way for publications to redistribute Microsoft Security Essentials as added value to customers through hard media distribution. Learn more.
The Redistribution Agreement allows all types of partners to redistribute Microsoft Security Essentials; this combines the above programs (Link Logo Program and Covermount Program) and adds locally hosted distribution. Learn more.
OEMs and System Builders can pre-install Microsoft Security Essentials on their consumer-bound PCs to provide quality malware protection to their customers out of the box and at no cost. More information is available through your standard account representative or at

Recommended copy for use on Web pages or in other marketing collateral:
Use the following recommended copy to make the description of Microsoft Security Essentials accurate and easy to understand for your customers. You may use it as needed on your websites and other marketing materials:
Now you can work—and play—on your PC more safely. With Microsoft® Security Essentials, it’s easy to help protect your home or small business PC from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software for FREE* with the same award-winning technology used by millions of consumer and enterprise PCs around the world.
*Microsoft Security Essentials is available at no charge for customers with PCs running genuine Windows. No registration or personal information is required, only automatic verification of your genuine Windows anti virus program

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