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Wireless Sensor Network

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[Wireless Sensor Network]
 Sensor networks are composed of a large number of small nodes with sensing, computation, and wireless communication capabilities. In sensor networks, sensor nodes are usually scattered and the position of sensor nodes needs not be predetermined. It means that sensor network protocols and algorithms must provide self-organizing capabilities. Another feature of sensor networks is the coordination of sensor nodes to produce high-quality information about the sensing environment.

 The features of sensor networks provide a wide range of applications such as health, military, and home. The realization of these and other sensor network applications require wireless ad-hoc networking techniques. Although many protocols and algorithms have been proposed for traditional wireless ad-hoc networks, they are not well suited to the unique features and application requirements of sensor networks. Therefore, many routing and data dissemination protocols should be designed for sensor networks where the following issues should be considered:

�� Energy Awareness
�� MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks
�� Time Synchronization
�� Power-saving Mode of Operation
�� Routing

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