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Windows Phone Security SnapSoft-ZX, Snapsoft-SE, Snapsoft-SMS, Snapsoft-IP

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SnapSoft is the first embedded security application that combines multiple software solutions for protecting voice, text messages, direct file transfer, chat and email*. Snapsoft is designed for Smartphones and converged devices using Windows Mobile™ operating systems. SnapSoft can be downloaded to the device via a PC. Operation for security functions is made easy to use with a push of button.

Why take chances with your proprietary information? The Snapsoft encryption is based on government security standards established for AES algorithms, PKI and hashing protocols. Snapsoft is available in three versions including Snapsoft-ZX for touch screen phones using Windows Mobile Professional, Snapsoft-SE for non-touch screen phones using Windows Mobile Standard and Snapsoft-SMS for those who want to only send/recieve secure SMS. The Snapsoft-IP version will function over a 3G and Wi-Fi connection without the need for a CSD connection. Please note that if you wish to purchase the IP version you will need to also purchase: 1) Enterprise Server License or 2) Use our Managed Service (monthly fee). For additional details feel free to contact us. The Managed Service is intended for small businesses or individual users who do not

The IP version of the software is will connect through the following connecitons: UMTS, EDGE, EVDO and Wi-Fi. The Legacy version will connect over traditional 2G networks using CSD. Users that are looking to use the Legacy networks with Circuit Switch Data (CSD) can purchase the secure phones without the need for SecureLine services.

If would like additional information about CSD connectivity a link is provide to an external website that is compiling a list of countries with GSM operators that offer CSD. Global Teck Worldwide also maintains a complete list of CSD (circuit switch data) availability. Technical and engineering data about CSD is available in our CSD White Paper . CSD service is not required for using the Snapsoft SMS. It will use the GPRS/EDGE/UMTS connection for delivery of the text messages just as if you were sending regular text messages.

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