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VANET (Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks)

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[Vehicular Ad hoc Networks]
 Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) is a subset of mobile ad-hoc network, which supports data communications among nearby vehicles and between vehicles and nearby fixed infrastructure, and generally represented as roadside entities. Depending on the range of data communications, nodes in VANET communicate among themselves in type of short-range (vehicle-to-vehicle) or medium-range (vehicle-to-roadside) communications.

 In addition, the major application view of VANETs includes real-time and safety applications. Non-safety applications include real-time traffic congestion and routing information, high-speed tolling, mobile infotainment, traffic condition monitoring, and many others. Vehicular safety applications include emergency, collision, car accident, and other safety warnings. For high performance, highly robust, scalable, robust, fault tolerant, and secure vehicular networking, several extraordinary challenges are remained as follows:

�� Safety and commercial applications
�� Mobility and traffic models
�� Channel Modeling
�� Security and privacy
�� Cooperative aspects of vehicular communication
�� Cross-layer optimization techniques
�� Vehicle-to-Vehicle
�� Vehicle-to-Roadside
�� Scalability and Availability issues in Vehicular networks
�� PHY, MAC, Network Layer (Routing protocols) 

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