Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snapblue Duo - Secure Wireless & Fixed-Line Device

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At only 59 grams this pocket-sized terminal is poised to revolunize the world of secure communications. Snapblue deploys many new features that will allow you to secure virtually any mobile network (GSM or CDMA), PSTN and SATCOM service. Snapblue features a secure directory, secure voice and sms encryption. Snapblue will also perform secure communications on public networks using analog BT Adapter. Future firmware releases will allow Snapblue to communicate securely over Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and use the 3G/UMTS/EVDO networks on both GSM and CDMA networks.

Although Snapblue resembles a traditional mobile phone it will only pairs to bluetooth enabled devices. It creates a secured multi-layer link using Diffie-Hellman 1024 bits, SHA-1 and AES-256 to the paired device (example-. Motorola Razr) via bluetooth. Given that many wireless devices have Bluetooth DUN (Dial-up network) the Snapblue can be used with many different commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) devices. Snapblue reduces the need for having multiple security devices and consolidating functions onto one device. Snapblue is compatible to communicate with other SNAP devices. Originally developed for military communications it is now approved for commercial sales and export.

If would like additional information about CSD (Circuit Switched Data) a link is provide to an external website that is compiling a list of countries with GSM operators that offer CSD. Global Teck Worldwide also maintains a complete list of CSD (circuit switch data) availability. Additional technical and engineering data is available in our CSD White

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