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Satellite Networking Testbed

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 Surrey and CCSR is now recognised as one of the leading research groups in Europe on satellite communication networking as evidenced by its inclusion in all of the satellite oriented projects in FP5 and FP6 and its central role in the networking research module of the Network of excellence in satellite communication-SatNEx, FP 6 STREP SATLIFE (IP multicast over DBV-S and DVB-RCS) and SATSIX (IPv6 over satellite projects.
The new Satellite Networking Testbed (SNT) has been funded from the EPSRC SRIF-3 programme (Capital funding for teaching and learning, research and infrastructure-May 2005) to replace, renew and upgrading of dispersed and dated collection of equipment with this new equipment and located in a single satellite networking laboratory within CCSR.

Description of SNT equipment

The networking equipment will include DVB-S/S2-RCS satellite terminals plus networking terminals, IP network and computing equipment as follows:
  • Two set of Antennas and Out door units.
  • Two set of Indoor Units.
  • Two IP routers and multicast networking devices.
  • Standard user terminals.
  • One large panel TV to receive DVB-S/S2 services.
  • Two high-end laptops (one for emulator and one for application server).
  • Network measurement analyser.
  • Video router and equipment for lecture transmission.

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