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Report: Majority of Children Have Online Presence Before Age Two

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While their parents' first steps might be recorded in tattered old photo albums and VHS tapes, the lives of the today's kids are increasingly documented online.

According to a study by Internet security company AVG, 81 percent of kids under the age of two have some kind of presence online, and within the first few weeks of life, a third of kids have information and photos posted on the Web.

"Our research shows that the trend is increasing for a child's digital birth to coincide with and in many cases pre-date their real birth date," AVG chief executive JR Smith said in a statement. "A quarter of babies have sonogram photos posted online before they have even physically entered the world."

The study was conducted by Research Now and it polled 2,200 mothers with children under two throughout the developed world. Children in the U.S. have the earliest online presence with 92 percent of kids showing up on the Web by the time they're two. However, most mothers had the same reason for documenting their kids' lives in the cloud. More than 70 percent said it was to share images with family and friends, so it's easier for grandma to see that first smile first hand, whether she lives down the street or thousands of miles away.

About 7 percent of babies and toddlers have had their parents secure them an e-mail address, while 5 percent have a social-networking page. The study showed moderate concern for privacy; on a scale of one to five, with five being very concerned, the average was 3.5.

It's common for someone to have a Facebook profile that dates back several years nowadays. But the world's youngest kids just might have a profile that spans their entire lives.

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