Thursday, October 7, 2010

Report: Acer Netbooks to Dual-Boot with Windows 7, Android

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Over the past few months Acer has released two netbooks that provide dual-booting for Windows 7 and Android, the Aspire One D250 and Aspire One D260. But according to DigiTimes, the company isn't stopping there.

At a launch press conference for the new devices, Acer reportedly said that all of its upcoming dual-core netbooks will be running the two OSes.

The idea behind this dual-boot system is to give users the flexibility of having the Microsoft OS and all the desktop apps with which they are familiar, while also providing the Android OS as an option when they want to use their netbook for Web surfing, messaging, and multimedia. These rumored netbooks apparently will be running an Intel Atom N550 processor, DigiTimes said.

There's no telling if this adoption of the Android OS on Acer laptops will be successful; Dell tried something similar with Linux Ubuntu OS on some of its laptops, with mixed results. However, the Android platform certainly does have more popularity and less of a learning curve.

"Since adopting Google's operating system does not cost much, but will provide more efficiency to its consumers, the strategy is expected to stimulate demand," Acer reportedly told DigiTimes.

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