Friday, October 8, 2010

Nike Upgrades iPhone App for Runners with Facebook Motivation

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Just one month ago, Nike released its Nike+ GPS App for iPhone. Now the sports brand is releasing version 2.0 with a new mechanism that allows users to solicit their Facebook friends for moral support as they run.

The already robust app [iTunes link] -- which records pace, distance and run route and encouragers runners to challenge themselves -- was originally designed to be a motivational tool for runners. The new version ups the motivational factor with the addition of a Facebook "Cheer Me On" run setting.

Runners will now find a "Get Cheers" option that they can toggle to on during the run setup process. In so doing, Nike+ GPS will post a status update to the runner's Facebook profile that reads, "Cheer me on with a comment and I'll get it on the run."

Any comments and "Likes" posted to the Facebook thread are automatically pulled inside the app as "Cheers" so that the runner can access and view the motivational sentiments shared by their Facebook friends. On completion of the run, the app will update the Facebook thread with the runner's distance and pace, and a thank you message to friends who posted cheers.

The latest version of Nike+ for iPhone also includes a "One More PowerSong" feature, another motivational element designed to encourage runners to beat their own previously set records by running the duration of one more song. App users can also select to broadcast their run to Facebook and Twitter post-workout and view their records on the application's history screen.

Nike's updates to the app are designed with the social runner in mind. We're told that app users can expect even more social features from the company in future Nike+ GPS releases.

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