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Mobile IP

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[Mobile IP]
 Mobile IP provides a global mobility solution for various applications and devices on the Internet. In the Internet, when a mobile node moves to another network, it cannot send or receive any data without changing its IP address. This is because the IP routing mechanisms rely on the topological information to deliver the data to the correct end-point. Mobile IP solves this problem by providing indirect routing at the network (IP) layer.

 In Mobile IP, each mobile node is identified by its home address, which is obtained from the home network, regardless of its current attachment. While a mobile node is away from its home network, it informs the home agent, a special agent which serves for mobile nodes, of its current attachment. The home agent intercepts any packets destined to the mobile node and tunnels them to the mobile node's current point.

 Mobile IP issues in which we are currently interested are as follows:

�� Minimizing Handoff Latency and Packet Loss
�� Signaling Overhead
�� Security
�� Mobile IPv6 Issues

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