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iPhone 4 have a 'Glassgate' problem?

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Apple seems to have more or less weathered "Antennagate," but now there’s a new report claiming that the glass-encased iPhone 4 is susceptible to scratches and cracks from slide-on, third-party cases — hence "Glassgate." Is there really a widespread problem, though?

The story comes from Ryan Block, the co-founder of gadget site GDGT (get it?) and notable for being just the second editor-in-chief of Engadget — in other words, Block counts as one of the original tech bloggers, and as such his word carries a fair amount of weight in tech circles.

Anyway, Block says he’s have heard from tipsters "both inside and outside of Apple" that engineers in Cupertino are in a state of "quiet lockdown" after discovering "another potential design flaw" in the iPhone 4 — namely, the potential for "unexpected scratching" or even "full-on cracking" of the handset’s rear glass panel when the phone is used with a third-party, slide-on case due to "particulate matter getting caught between the rear of the phone and the case."

What about Apple’s own Bumper cases, the ones that Apple were handing out for free (until recently, anyway) in the wake of Antennagate? Well, the Apple Bumper case doesn’t have a rear protective panel — instead, it’s just a flexible, rubber-and-plastic frame that covers the stainless-steel edge of the iPhone.

Block goes on to claim that Apple has gone as far as to "create a lab" to investigate the problem and pull slide-on-style third-party iPhone 4 cases from the shelves of Apple stores ... although having just been to the Apple store in Soho a few days ago, I’m pretty sure I saw plenty of third-party iPhone 4 cases on display.

Apple has yet to respond to Block’s "Glassgate" story, or whether Apple engineers are indeed on the case. (Sorry for the pun.)

Of course, reports of cracked front and back panels on the iPhone 4 have been easy to find since the handset went on sale — the thing is made of glass, after all, and apparently a drop of just a few feet could leave you with an ugly spiderweb of cracks on your snazzy new device.

But this is the first I’ve heard of slide-on, non-Apple cases causing scratches or cracks on the iPhone 4. For now, it’s impossible to tell whether we’ve got an epidemic of iPhone-scratching third-party cases on our hands or just a few isolated incidents.

So, let’s conduct a little poll right here. Any iPhone 4 owners out there with third-party cases finding scratches or even cracks on their new iPhones? Let us know.

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