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How to run Vulnerability Scan from the main application window in Kaspersky Internet Security 2011?

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Applies to Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
Vulnerability scan is a special tool which helps to search and eliminate security vulnerabilities of applications, installed on your computer, and in operating system settings.
In order to start the vulnerability scan task from the Vulnerability scan window, perform the following actions:

  • open the main application window
  • in the left part of the main application window, go to the Tools tab
  • in the right part of the main application window, click the Vulnerability Scan button
  • in the lower part of the Vulnerability Scan window, click the Start button
The scan results will be displayed in the Vulnerability Scan window in two tabs:
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerable applications

In order to eliminate the system vulnerability, select the item and click the Fix it button.
If you select an object in the Vulnerable applications tab, there will be two variants to choose:
  • you can read the vulnerability description by clicking Details
  • you can create an exclusion rule for the selected vulnerability by clicking Add to exclusions
In the Vulnerability Scan window, besides the Start button, the information about when the scan task was stopped or completed is displayed. The time is also the link to open the detailed report.
In the detailed report you can find information about start, stop or completion of the vulnerability scan task.
If you select an object, you will be able to find description for the selected object in the lower part of the window.

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