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How to reboot your PC in Safe mode?

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In order to reboot your PC in Safe Mode, do the following:

  • Go to Start > Shut Down > Restart
  • Keep pressing the key F8 during the first seconds the PC is being booted until you see the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
Warning On some computer configurations the button F8 is used to select a physical drive to boot from. In this case select a hard disk drive with installed OS. Once you have pressed Enter, keep pressing F8 till Windows Advanced Options Menu is displayed.
  • Select Safe mode

  • press the Enter key
  • press the Enter key to confirm the selected variant
  • reboot the PC after finishing work in this mode
InformationFor Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 a password of the local user Administrator is required

InformationIf a computer boots only in normal mode and BSODs when choosing safe mode, it is possible that the registry branch Safeboot responsible for booting in safe mode is damaged. The registry branch Safeboot can be resored using a previously imported .reg file.
  • download the archive;
  • extract its contents on the client PC;
  • run the .reg file corresponding to your operating system:
    • SafeBootWin200.reg for Windows 2000;
    • SafeBootWinXP.reg for Windows XP;
    • SafeBootWinServer2003.reg for Windows 2003;
    • SafeBootVista.reg for Windows Vista;
  • click Yes in the Registry editor window.
WarningIf the boot menu is not displayed by pressing the F8 key for some reason and the OS keeps booting in normal mode, you are recommended to do the following:
  • go to Start > Run > enter msconfig > click OK 
  • In the dialog window System configuration utility go to the BOOT.INI tab 
  • check the /SAFEBOOT option 
  • click OK 

  • To apply the modified settings, click Restart 

After the computer restart follow the steps described above to start Windows OS in safe mode.
NOTE: Once you have performed the necessary actions you need to uncheck the safe boot option to get out of safe mode.

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