Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comcast Constant Guard Bot Detection Rolling Out Nationwide

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Comcast is rolling out its Constant Guard service, which automatically notifies customers if their home computer appears to be infected with a virus, to all customers nationally.
As part of the Comcast Constant Guard Bot Detection and Notification, Xfinity Internet customers can download Symantec's Norton Security for free at www.comcast.net/security on a PC or Mac; a $160 value.
Once installed, the service provides in-browser notifications about possible virus infections. If Comcast detects a problem, a "service notice" will appear in the browser that urges customers to go to Comcast's anti-virus center.
Comcast will also e-mail customers if detects a problem. The message will tell customers that Comcast believes one or more of their devices have been infected and will direct them to constantguard.comcast.net.
Constant Guard also includes 2GB of online storage.
Comcast initially rolled out a trial of Constant Guard in October 2009 with its Denver, Colo. customers. At the time, Comcast offered virus protection from McAfee, but it later switched to Symantec's Norton products.

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