Friday, October 15, 2010

Ad-hoc Network

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 A mobile ad-hoc network is a collection of autonomous mobile nodes that communicate with each other over wireless links without any central administration. In ad-hoc networks, each host has to act as a router for itself to communicate with hosts outside its transmission range due to the limited range of each host's wireless transmission. 

 An ad-hoc routing protocol runs on every host and is subject to the limit of the resources at each mobile host. Therefore, a traditional routing protocol, which is used in IP network, is not suitable to the ad-hoc network. Also, it is not appropriate to use conventional protocols, which are proposed or used in IP networks, such as MAC, QoS, Multicast, and TCP. There are many research issues to design protocols in ad-hoc networks:

�� Bandwidth Optimization 
�� Power Control 
�� Transmission-quality Enhancement 
�� Network Configuration 
�� Topology Maintenance 
�� Efficient/Reliable Routing 
�� TCP Issues

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