Friday, October 15, 2010

4G Mobile Systems

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[4G Network]
 Fourth-generation (4G) mobile systems dictate entirely new approaches and novel infrastructure solutions to seamlessly integrate the existing wireless technologies including wireless broadband (WiBro), 802.16e, CDMA, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and etc.

 The key features of 4G mobile systems can be summarized as follows. First, 4G mobile systems are all-IP based heterogeneous networks that allow users to use any system at any time and anywhere. Second, 4G mobile systems provide end-users with high-speed, large volume, good quality, global coverage, and flexibility to roam between different types of technologies. Finally, 4G mobile systems provide high-data-rate services to accommodate numerous multimedia applications such as video conferencing, on-line gaming, etc. Owing to such characteristics, we have to face a number of challenges to migrate current systems to 4G. The key challenges are summarized:

�� Multimode User Terminals
�� Wireless System Discovery/Selection
�� Seamless Mobility
�� Vertical Handoff
�� QoS Support 

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