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Top search apps for Android

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Perhaps the greatest thing about Android smartphones is the mobile access to information. Everything from your contacts to your local retailers has become a searchable pool of data, accessible through your mobile phone.
Whether you're looking for a job or the best trends on Twitter, here are some of the top apps to get you there.

General search tools

Google Search is well-integrated with its Android platform, and comes with each device. From the widget or the search button, query the web, your contacts, apps and other saved items on your phone. Free, Google Search comes with voice tools, suggestions as you type and access to your search settings. Instant access for stock prices, weather and more are included on this app.
If it's your phone you need to search, and not the web, try Aurora Universal Search. This free app is a full-text search tool, letting you query your contacts, email, text messages, MMS, apps and more. Integrated with the Android search widget, Aurora offers quick access to the app, as well. Bookmark favorites and filter searches, or revisit your search history.

Yellow Pages has done a great job converting into the digital age, with a free app to pull up local listings. Read reviews and contact information, get filtered ratings and save items of interest for later access. Yellow Pages supports voice search, letting you speak the type of business or service to pull up a list of results. Plot venues on a map, and navigate directly there.
For a hands-free approach, Google's Voice Search is useful. Search your phone, the web and local listings by voice, instead of typing. From there, you can call venues or your contacts, or request directions. Free, this app also lets you perform a few phone commands for dictating text messages and emails.

Niche search tools

If you're in search of a job, Indeed's Job Search app is the way to go. Free, the app searches multiple job boards and web sites, concentrating your search efforts from a single location. Save your searches for later access, drill down your search by location, and pick which ones are worth applying for.
TV Guide will give you the scoop on your favorite programs as well as its program schedule. View local listings, and get information on program details. Set reminders for programs of interest, and save programs you'd like to track. The free app also offers episode recaps, daily Hot Lists and entertainment news.
To stay on top of your social media interests, the Twitter Search Reader can help you sift through things. Free, this app lets you search keywords and save searches for later use. Save Twitter IDs as well as search IDs, and search in multiple languages. Results include the rate of related tweets, the language and other information. Follow current Twitter trends, and share results via email.
Zillow's real estate search helps you find local properties in a jiffy. The free app also lets you tap into your account to access saved searches from the site. Filter searches based on price, distance, the number of rooms and several other parameters. Bookmark the results you like. Zillow's map and navigation integration will help you get to the property with ease.

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