Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SEO How fast Google crawling this site !!Speed up spiders crawl Google !!

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s you can see below,I just created an article on How to track your blog visitors? and this is what I got when I typed the url of this article in Google after just posting the article.
Wow! as you can see below,google crawled it in just 1 minute.I know there are so many out there waiting days and days for google to crawl their websites/blogs and I wondered how fast is google crawling this site!
Write an article and check how much time it is taking for google to crawl your blog and share your comments here.
how fast google is crawling this site


This is a do follow site.If your blog is new or if it is taking too much time to crawl your site,No Problem! Make google to crawl your site faster by leaving comments here with a link back to your blog.
Note:All comments must be relative to the blog post.
even better this time!

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