Thursday, September 30, 2010

New chapters for Amazon in move to Android

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An Amazon app store could introduce Android apps for recommendation and/or download through the Kindle and other Amazon (AMZN) fronts, such as the recently launched Kindle for Web.
The integrated access would be made considerably easier with an Amazon Android tablet, which could center Amazon’s retail efforts around an operating system that’s gaining widespread appeal.

Amazon’s endless storefront

What an Amazon tablet does is create another storefront through which Amazon can operate. This earns Amazon revenue through app sales, promotes apps that integrate with its services, and greatly broadens the reach of its retail stores.
Amazon was an early supporter of Android, along with other major mobile platforms on the market, including Apple’s iOS and the recently announced PlayBook OS (dubbed the BlackBerry tablet OS).  With retail and reader apps on most smartphones and tablets available today, Amazon is in a unique position of competition and partnership with device, platform and mobile app makers.
This is all in addition to its own Kindle e-reader, the mobile device that lets you take your entire Amazon library with you.  Having withstood the rabid sales of the iPad, Amazon’s Kindle is proof that task-specific devices still drive consumer demand.

The importance of mobile browsing

As Amazon takes to Android like a fish to water, it’s clear that Amazon hopes to maintain its streamlined user access points, determined to be available wherever the web may be.  As smartphones and tablets improve mobile browsing, the Internet as we know it will become better replicated on these devices. Competitors are already taking cues from Amazon, as Borders launches a new e-reader in its Kobo line.

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