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How much does PayPal cost?

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When you sign up for a PayPal account, you can choose from among three account options: Personal, Premier, and Business. Transactions with a Personal account are free, but you'll need a Premier or Business account to accept debit or credit card payments, for which you'll pay a small fee. Opening a PayPal account and withdrawing money to a U.S. bank account are free.
Personal: Personal accounts are meant for use by individuals. With a Personal account, you can send and receive money for free, but you cannot receive payments funded by debit or credit cards. (Note: Members located outside the U.S. will pay a one-time fee before they can send money.)
Premier and Business: To accept debit or credit card payments through your web site, sign up for a Premier or Business account. A Premier account is ideal for an individual seller with high volume, while Business accounts are reserved for businesses; both include the same flexible features. With a Premier or Business account, you can accept debit and credit card payments for a small fee per transaction.
Note: PayPal fees apply only to completed transactions. PayPal does not charge setup, gateway, or monthly fees to maintain an account.
For more information about PayPal accounts and fees, please see PayPal's account and fee documentation and complete fee schedule.

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