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Free AVG Antivirus Updated

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AVG? Avast? Avira? It's not easy to say which of the free antivirus vendors has the largest user base, because they don't all count users the same way. AVG Technologies specifically counts product installations that have contacted the update servers multiple times. On that basis the free AVG antivirus boasts over 110 million users. As of now those users are in for a pleasant surprise.
In past years AVG has reserved some of its virus-fighting technology for the paid edition, leaving the free edition as "antivirus lite." With the 2011 release AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition gains the full virus-fighting power of AVG Internet Security.
According to Tony Anscombe, AVG's ambassador of free products, the AVG community of 110 million supplies AVG with a staggering 1.5 billion items to process every day. Anscombe pointed up the high ratings given to AVG products in independent tests by, West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin, and others, noting that its scores are every bit as good as top commercial products.
AVG's antivirus offers four distinct layers of protection: heuristics, cloud, behavioral, and Web. The Web component deserves special notice. AVG's LinkScanner technology evaluates Web pages in real time to identify malicious code. The moment malefactors hack a valid site LinkScanner can catch the exploit. New in the 2011 edition it will scan and validate links in Facebook and MySpace postings.
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 is available for immediate download at A trial download of AVG Internet Security 2011 is also available. Both products are currently undergoing testing; will post full reviews as soon as they're available.

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